At Steven Georgiadis & Associates we are the Voice of Reason ~ the more money you spend on legal fees the less money for your children (if you have any) and for yourself … Yes it’s that simple !!!

Introduction to Family Law

We try and take a realistic approach to Family Law putting aside the emotions – this may seem unrealistic however our position is to work to an agreeable settlement during a difficult time and save you money. Yes we know every dirty trick in the book and know how to deal with them just like every other law firm. However we don’t look at our clients like money trees. We look at them like real people that need our help through this difficult time.

Unfortunately some relationships don’t last and when couples split it can be messy. You can’t help but get caught up in the emotions leaving some people angry, upset, depressed, questioning what happened and why not knowing what to do.

The Split / The Children / The Money / The Family Home / etc

This is when you need the calming voice of reason to help you work through these problems to help you find a fair resolution so that you can move forward with your life.
Remember one thing “at one time you did love this person “

Children ~ Access & Custody

Children must come first and foremost, putting aside your personal feelings and working out what’s best for them. Both parents love their children equally and it’s important to try and not involve the children in the problems between the parents. It’s hard enough for the children to deal with the separation of the family let alone being used as a bargaining chip.

Children ~ Taking care of your children

Both parents have a financial obligation to ensure their children’s future working out a fair and reasonable arrangement for child support and ongoing financial obligations. We can help you work out where the money goes; school fees / clothes / food / trips / etc.