For the first time in Australian history, two High Court judges are being prosecuted for defying the Constitution and refusing to assist parents of sexually abused children betrayed by Family Court judges.

The Real Justice lobby group last week submitted for filing Constitutional writs against High Court judges Keifel and Bell for their refusals to file such writs against corrupt Family Court judges and magistrates.

The Australian Constitution contains a unique provision to prevent and deal with corruption by any Federal public servant but a spokesman for Real Justice confirmed that no such application against judges has been filed in the last 12 years.

It appears that most politicians and legal experts are unaware that this Constitutional protection against corruption (section 75 (v) ) is being treated with contempt, thus allowing corruption to flourish even to the extent that judges in lower Courts are never dealt with for misconduct in matters dealing with sexual abuse of children.
As a result, many children are being placed into the care of known sexual abusers, or being allowed to remain in a situation of extreme risk.
The application submitted yesterday by Kevin Kahler and Kerri Bennett is to have the Full Bench of the High Court decree unlawful the rulings of the two judges, Justices Keifel and Bell.

Instead of filing the writs, guaranteed under section 75 (v) of the Constitution, these High Court judges ignored all evidence of sexual abuse and corrupt decisions of Family Court judges to decree the applications ‘frivolous or vexatious’.
Judgements of Federal Family Courts must be dealt with by the High Court, which is now defying the Australian Constitution to protect corrupt judges.

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